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Japan Spectacular

16 Dec 2019

While we consider ourselves to be an Australian taiko group by virtue of the fact that we are based in Sydney and perform mostly contemporary music by Australian composers, there is no doubt that Japan is at the heart of what Taikoz does....

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Chi Udaka

23 Jan to 24 Jan 2020

Chi Udaka is an inspirational fusion of Japanese music and Indian dance.

Inspired by the forces of nature, this celebratory show as part of Asia TOPA 2020 is a meeting of the deep earthiness of taiko drumming (Chi – earth) and...

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IDP 2020 applications now open

Author: ICle

Taikoz will be running the Individual Development Program (IDP) once again in 2020. If you are a keen student of taiko (aren't we all?), then check out our website for details...

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Seven Flowers: It's a wrap!

Author: ICle

Thank you to all our supporters for being a part of »Seven Flowers«. I can't say how many hours went into producing the performance, but with the combined efforts of the creative team alone (composers, players, designers, audio, visuals etc),...
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