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The Beauty of 8

19 Jul to 27 Jul 2019

Internationally renowned performing ensemble Taikoz presents The Beauty Of 8, featuring Guest Artists dancer-drummer Chieko Kojima of the famed KODO taiko group and Shakuhachi Grand Master Riley Lee. Ex-Taikoz dynamo Anton Lock also returns to...

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Blog Posts

Dojo Newsletter vol 14 nº1 April-May 2019

Author: Ian Cleworth

DOJO NEWSLETTER : vol 14 nº1 April-May 2019

Taikoz on the mainstage in 2019

We have a really exciting year of mainstage performances ahead of us – in May Taikoz 4tet Live! hits the...

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World Renowned Asano Taiko Company In Sydney

Author: ICle

We have just said gooodbye to the amazing Mr Asano, head craftsman Mr Shimada & son Katsuji Asano of the Asano Taiko Company, who have been here in Sydney re-skinning and repairing several of our taiko, including two of our original 2003 set...
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A message from our corporate sponsor TAL

We’re proud to be a national partner of Taikoz and support the vibrant performing arts culture that is part of this Australian life.
We look forward to continuing our partnership with Taikoz in 2018 to help bring people, cultures and stories together.


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